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BLACK TIE ELEVATOR  (2013- Not Yet Released)

Savanna  (sample)

Stop Drinking My Wine  (sample)

Dark Passenger  (sample)

4 Letter Words (Featuring Skye Chevolleau) (sample)

Still  (sample)

Produced by Hill Kourkoutis

(Full CD includes 10 tracks)

This recording was supported by FACTOR


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I’m Your Man


Forever Again

Produced by Hill Kourkoutis

This recording was supported by the Toronto Arts Council.


*NOTE- The Cliks albums Snakehouse & Dirty King are no longer available on our website as the band does not own the masters of the record due to a past recording US contract. This means The Cliks do not receive any financial compensation on any of the units sold. We would appreciate your support on purchases that directly compensate the artist.